Welcome to Vision Tech Home Inspections, Inc.

Your source for the most comprehensive and up to date information about your prospective home.
Whether it is new, old or not built yet, we take pride in our knowledge of homes and our excellence in customer service. From your first communication with our company, to the inspection and report, and any and all follow up, our commitment is to provide you with the very best inspection and excellence in service.

Every home inspection is performed by Jack Sullivan, the owner, who has been inspecting homes and reporting on them for 3 decades. He has inspected over 18,000 homes. He brings that in-depth knowledge and experience to every home inspection. Please follow him around; you'll be pleasantly surprised about what a home inspection entails! It takes a while, but it is worth it. He takes what ever time is necessary to educate you about your home. He will tell you how everything works and functions. When he finds a problem he will explain what it is, and even what the fix and cost might be. Everything is written in his detailed on site report for you to take home and read. He will email you the photos of the defects. And if you still have questions after this in-depth verbal and written inspection, we offer telephone consultation for as long as you own the home! We are just a phone call away! Elizabeth Sullivan, Jack's wife and business partner, has extensive customer service background. She will personally communicate to you by phone or email. Every question will be answered until you are fully educated about the process, the report and the home inspection. This husband and wife team is dedicated to ensure you with the very best experience in the home inspection industry.